“Let us at last praise the colonizers of dreams” – Peter Beagle


Imagination is not as valued as it should be and I hope to do my part to promote it. I want to enhance the quality of life by reminding us to daydream. 


When I’m able to escape to a place of fantasy I feel comfortable and grounded. I despise technology and feel awkward in this time. I don’t believe this is the true reality – not the way we were supposed to live. I paint where and who I would love to be.


My paintings almost always start with a very thoughtful plan and they evolve into their own story. Each item and pattern in the composition is chosen with care and purpose.  My painting technique however is more spontaneous and intuitive. I layer colors and play with the paint until I achieve the look and feel that speaks to me. I am a self-taught artist and I’ve yet to determine if my technique is unusual or traditional.


When I first started painting my most profound influence was the Fauvist movement (les Fauves - French for "the wild beasts") I loved the emotion, colors and unique way of looking at familiar, everyday things. Now my work is not as obviously emotional.  I try to express emotion and passion in a more subtle way that is felt deeper the more you gaze at the piece.


Art can help us pay tribute to the good in life and process the difficult. I hope to express the difficult feelings and sadness we all face while also celebrating the fun, sweet, beautiful and romantic.


I currently live and work in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. 

​The Gypsy Titmouse - fine art by Jessica Sikora